How Travel Bloggers Greece changed my life


This past year 2016, is a year I am in love with because it brought “Travel Bloggers Greece” in my life.

And from that moment “Eikones & Psithyroi” became more of a wanderer, it became better equipped with new accessories (like suitcases) and off it hit the open roads.


A bit shy in the beginning, with no experience whatsoever, and a bit nervous as to the dos and don’ts. But also with tonnes of good will, an appetite for work and enthusiasm to guide me through the way.


The first trip of the year was right after Easter and the destination was the fairy-like Amsterdam.


I strolled around the blossomed Park Keukenhof.


And fell in love with the countryside of the Netherlands.



Later on during July and as an official TBG member, I travelled to Tzia to visit beloved ones and capture with my camera the beauties of this island.


In the early days of September, I visited Dimitsana with which I got really enthusiastic about.


Right after that came the trip to Nafpaktos that captivated me.


Late October found me in London… again to meet beloved people.


And finally, the year closed with the fabulous Kilkis and all the beautiful people I got to meet there.


Looking back in this past year I can see my mistakes and lack of experience.

I keep these with me as I am about to start the new year. Those mistakes are going to be the compass that will guide me towards better results.

I wish us all a beautiful and healthy 2017 and moreover, I wish more sharing of beautiful wanderings.

Happy New Year beauties!

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  • Thank you so much Tzina for this inspiring post that makes me smile. I am so happy that you feel this way about TBG. We love to have you in our TBG family. Here is to an even greater 2017! Happy New Year! TBG Rocks

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