The Countryside of Netherlands: Volendam


If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam do not miss the opportunity for a tour in the countryside. The transportation is just perfect and all the touristic information provided is so amazingly accurate that you can easily find your way from the Central Station of Amsterdam to literally everywhere.


Somewhat that’s how we found ourselves one fine morning on a bus to Volendam, a coastal village about half an hour far from Amsterdam.

The green scenery on our way there was enchanting and I was amazed by the natural architecture of the landscape that allowed me to have a perfectly uninterrupted view for as far as the eyes could see, thanks to absolute lack of hills or mountains on the horizon.


Finally, we arrived in the cute little village. The roads were clean as could be and the homes beautiful like dollhouses illustrated in the pages of children’s book.

Everything was astonishingly calm and peaceful.


You could easily be fooled into thinking that this is a deserted village. The few bicycles slid quietly past you and most inhabitants seemed to be away -perhaps at work.
The visitor is left uninterrupted to admire the carefully curated yards (some of which even own private ponds with water lilies) and the beautifully decorated entrances.

And of course, there is no way that you will leave without visiting one of the local dairy shops with the abundance of choices in artisan cheese. The taste we distinguished was that of smoked Gouda. Despite my husband’s desire, I wrongly insisted on not buying the whole round loaf of it, on the thought that I would easily find this specific variety in any quality supermarket in Greece. Well, I was wrong and I would appreciate anyone coming from the Netherlands and bringing me one, just to stop my husband from nagging.

I can still recall how peaceful I felt as I walked past the roads of cute little Volendam. My husband’s arm wrapped lovingly around my shoulders. If only I could make these moments last forever. If only I could stay a bit longer on the peaceful dream village, away from the burdens and troubles of my everyday life.

I did make a promise to myself that my next trip to the Netherlands will only include touring the countryside and staying in one of those beautiful villages.

Have you ever been to Holland’s countryside? Do you agree with me?

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