Α long walk in London


Today I want to take you with me for a long walk around London. Mind you, this is not going to be a walk for shopping and thrifting. I want us to take a slow walk from Trafalgar square to the Tower Bridge. Really slowly! Without any rushing or hustling whatsoever. Just put the travel guide aside and let’s start strolling.



We will be commuting to the center of London on a bus, not the tube. We will hop on one of those double red buses that I adore. Without any doubt we will be sitting on the top deck, front row, the best place to take plenty of photos.

We will not be getting off the bus until the end of the route, the Trafalgar square. Can you see all those people? They are tourists most of them and they are here for a sought after photo in front of the fountain.


Immediately after that we will cross the street and go down the Whitehall street. We will be definitely stopping for the change of guard. Look at those amazing black horses! Go on! You can stand right next to them to get your picture taken. Just mind the sign warning you not to get too near because they could bite. So beware!



We will end up in Parliament Square where you should be ready for a beautiful sight! Right opposite to you stands the imposing Big Ben.


To the right, the British Parliament with its walls looking like an artisan embroidery.


A bit far behind you find the Westminster Abbey. Only to think that this is the exact place where famous couples like Charles and Diana, or Prince William and his beloved Duchess Cate Middleton got married makes your heart beat. Girls! We are always falling for love stories -even the ones with sad endings.



Time to move on! We have plenty of beautiful things waiting ahead. We will walk past the bridge, right behind Big Ben and we will then turn left. There, in full glory, we will find the well known circle of London Eye.


Tickets for adults cost 45£ and the full tour to enjoy London from above lasts for about an hour.


From now on the walk will continue next to the river Thames. Strolling by a river is always a magical experience. This is a route bursting with people, events, shops and eye capturing buildings.






Even pirate ships are docked here waiting for us to hop on and sail to explore.

Half way to our walk we will make a stop for a cup of coffee and some rest. If you are feeling hungry there are plenty of canteens for street food like a hot dog. Time for us to catch our breaths and stop to watch the people passing by.


Oh the number of photos Ι took of this bridge! I started shooting from the first moment Ι saw it from far away, continued as Ι approached and did not stop even as Ι walked on it.




Crossing the bridge will bring us to the other side of Thames and right outside the Tower of London.   Looking at this imposing castle, which actually is the trademark of this city, our minds will travel back to the middle ages. Knights, fair ladies, intriguing stories about love, betrayal and tortures are just a few of the hidden secrets kept in the enormous stone walls of this castle.




Are you tired now? We could take a taxi or just wait for the red bus.


Do not worry if you miss it. Buses here run frequently. You will not have to wait more than 6-7 minutes before the next one arrives.

It is getting dark now. The city lights are on. City did Ι just say? Rather a Metropolis is a correct word. A Metropolis with a population of almost 10 million, almost as much as the whole population of Greece.



Today was just a first glimpse on some of its amazing treasures!

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  • Ωραία η γεύση από Λονδίνο αλλά λίγο μου το χάλασες! Γιατί δεν γράφεις και στα ελληνικά;

    • Δεν σου το χάλασα καθόλου .. υπάρχει ελληνικό και αγγλικό άρθρο, εσύ διαλέγεις 😉

    • Kathy, το blog έχει δυο σημαιάκια στο πάνω μέρος του μενού, ένα ελληνικό και ένα αγγλικό ανάλογα με το ποιο επιλέγεις μεταφέρεσαι και στο αντίστοιχο περιβάλον!

  • In my honest opinion, I think that walking through a city is the best way to experience it best. That is a great article and very cool photos about London. Seems you really had a pretty nice walk!

  • What a great way to explore London! Can I ask; was this a tourist bus, or the normal public transport double decker buses? If it was the latter, that’s an even better way to explore…and well done.
    I laughed at the Changing of the Guard: is it the horses, or the guards that might bite?
    You know, I’ve lived in London for many years and haven’t even seen the changing of the Guard myself. It’d be so nice to go back with a tourist’s eyes.

    • Rebecca it was the normal public transport double decker bus.. and I love it! They are always on time and I had the opportunity from the top deck, front row, to take plenty of photos.

  • Thanks for brining back wonderful memories of London! Beautiful photos! I always love walking in a city, it is the best way to discover it actually!

  • I love walking cities this way… and using public transport is certainly a smart thing to do. I love riding double-deckers whenever I’m in London, and it’s nice to see I’m not the only one. Lovely piece of writing, Tzina!

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