Happy and Blessed Holy Week


A new Holy Week has arrived and we are blessed to live it once again.

Another Great Lent has come to an end.


We went through it trying to become better people. Trying to love our neighbor like ourself  (and oh how tough that has been at times). We tried to unveil the compassion, the kindheartedness, and the tenderness that lies deep within.

Τhe days have flown by so fast like they always do.

I adore the devoutness of these days. The sweet afternoons of spring that are bursting with heady floral scents of wisteria and jasmine. The churches that smell like flowers and pure candle. Those holy places where we will not only indulge into glorious byzantine chants, but will relive the Passion of Christ, the Crucifixion, the Burial and will finally glorify His Holy Resurrection!



It is the one and only place I want to be on Great Thursday when every (literally every) time it is impossible for me to hold back my tears.

I will be there in Great Friday too to join voices with the rest of the women in chanting together “Oh my sweet spring, my sweetest child, where does your beauty fade?” and then follow in silence the procession of the bier of Christ. In Great & Holy Saturday -oh the joy- we will still be there until the end of the Vesperal Divine Liturgy and return to our homes around the dawn of day.



Only a few hours of sleep and then off to gather around the spit to roast the traditional lamb & kokoretsi. Another Easter will come to unite us as a family. Precious moments we all cherish.

Let’s start this Holy Week then and live it in the unique way only we Greeks know. Let’s feel to the bottom of our hearts the Glory that is hidden underneath and pray for peace and love.



May the Holy Light of the Resurrection enlighten our souls and bring peace to them.

Happy Resurrection my beloveds.

Happy Easter to you personally and to your families!

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